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Business Training

When it comes to business skills training, you want the best business advising company around.

That business advising company is none other than B2B Marketing, Coral Gables’ very best source for business training. B2B Marketing is well versed in the subject of business training, having developed programs suited to helping any size of business to maximize profits in a way that is progressive, effective, and productive. Some of these programs and business skills training that B2B Marketing can offer to businesses include: ’16 Hours Countdown to Becoming Your Own Boss’, ‘Demystifying the Loan Process’, ‘Hot Seat Marketing’, ‘The Psychology of Sales’, ‘Energizing Your Workforce’, and ‘Effective Meetings to Get Things Done’. B2B Marketing can also teach you conflict resolution skills and customer service skills in our business training programs. Under the coaching of B2B Marketing, your business is sure to thrive!


The fun and knowledge doesn’t quite stop at learning how to manage your own business; B2B Marketing also has business training programs to teach you more about government business skills, such as ‘Understanding Your Government’, ‘One Stop Minority Certification’, ‘Intergovernmental Relations’, and ‘Government Marketing’. By learning more about your government through these business training programs, you can make the government work for you to improve your business as well as your lifestyle.


The learning opportunities at B2B Marketing are near endless! So for those in Coral Gables, Florida who would like to better themselves and their businesses, don’t be afraid to come into B2B Marketing. We’ll make sure that we give you all of this information about business skills training in a way that is simple to grasp and apply to your own situations, to make sure that your learning and advising experience is as enjoyable as it is informative

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